Andreas Hassellof’s Ombori revolutionizing the World through Customer Management Systems Solutions

Sweden’s population is significantly small as compared to the rest of the nation’s globally. However, Swedish people are known globally for their entrepreneurial minds and ability to innovate solutions that positively transform the universe. Over the years, industrialists from Sweden, such as Andreas Hassellof, the founder of Ombori, have spearheaded cutting-edge solutions with significant impact on other companies and industries. Emerging technologies have the power to transform enterprises significantly. As business leaders continue to invest in technology strategically, Sweden continues to strengthen its tech companies such as Ombori to provide innovative solutions that can be incorporated by other industries globally. Notably, according to Sarah Guemouri, Sweden is one of the most innovative nations worldwide.

Andreas Hassellof’s Ombori, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is one of the fastest-growing tech startups. Since its inception, the company has strategically sourced talented experts with the knowledge and ideas to design and develop solutions to transform the retail industry. Under Andreas Hassellof, the company has been rebranded to Ombori Grid and prides itself in its Queue Management System. Notably, Andreas started his firm to help organizations reap the benefits of modern-day technology, enhance customer experience, increase productivity, streamline processes, and generate revenue.

Ombori’s customer management systems enable enterprises to build brand loyalty with their customers while increasing sales efficacy. Andreas Hassellof strategic leadership has propelled the success of the corporation in revolutionizing the modern-day customer retail experience. Andreas has created a formidable brand that has gained an edge in the world market. Ombori’s first-grade solutions have been accepted by internationally recognized clients such as Dufry, H&M, Target Australia and Lindt. Besides the impact on the retail industry, institutions can apply Multi-billion-dollar company’s technology to create smart spaces, cities and stores. In Feb 2021, Ombori Grid raised €6 million from private equity capital. The firm has become a leader in customer management systems solutions through continued investment in technological research and innovations.

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