Career Accomplishments of Miki Agrawal

Well, who said that being inquisitive is a bad idea? For Miki Agrawal, however, it’s a blessing in disguise. This disruptive change maker has formed various companies and products that are changing social norms and culture globally. Setting out her journey with Wild, the first-ever gluten-free pizza restaurant in New York, followed by Thinx, a reusable underwear manufacturing plant that specifically deals with menstruation solutions. And recently, Miki has set out with Tushy to produce eco-friendly bathroom products.

Miki Agrawal has always been an interrogative character, especially on the insensible things around her. Tushy’s journey began with a mere self-questioning scenario of why we clean ourselves with a hazardous product, the tissue paper. With the most sensible conclusions, of the product, hurting our health and hygiene and destroying millions of trees annually. However, she decided to create an affordable attachable toilet bidet that is installed on the toilet seat. Notably, Miki states that placing the product out in the market was tough, and it essentially faced a lot of criticism.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic took a toll on toilet paper shortage due to over purchase from consumers and a global lockdown that made production and distribution a lot more difficult. With this new rise in demand, Tushy saw an incredible increase in sales on a daily basis. Being a multi-national Miki Agrawal takes the satisfaction of creating and providing a sanitation solution and a money saver for most families. Miki continues to advocate for effective and efficient economic and environmental items. Tushy’s selling point is that it extracts water from the main pipe and hence a clean solution.

Not only soldering the entrepreneurship ladder, but Miki Agrawal is also a successful author with two of her books breaking the bank. Juggling family and cooperation, Miki has managed to balance life and work, seeing her being recognized as the most impressive women entrepreneur with various fast companies. She is also a participant in multiple philanthropic missions, such as a sanitary drive in Uganda.