Dr Montano is headed to the Carolinas to study a new breakthrough for SeaWorld

Dr. Gisele Montano is on her way to a research breakthrough. As the SeaWorld veterinarian, it is her job to study and understand the sea creatures to know how to take care of them. She has been involved in a recent project collaborating with OCEARCH to study the mating patterns of sharks in the North and South Carolina waters. Dr Montano is intending on studying the different species of sharks to Learn their mating habits and to further understand the water off the Carolina coast line and the relation to shark mating patterns.

Why the Carolina coasts?

Even though there are several species of shark off the Carolina coasts, Dr. Montano’s research is related to white sharks specifically, and their mating habits particularly. From previous research it was determined that both male and female sharks like to spend a considerable amount of time in the Carolina waters because of the abundance of food there.

What are they looking for?

Dr. Montano and her team are trying to discover whether or not the Carolina coast are breeding grounds for white sharks, and if so what is drawing them to that location. Through the collecting of male reproductive samples, and the performance of ultrasounds on the reproductive organs of male and female sharks, she intends to find the maturity of sexual development of the sharks through the use of the ultrasounds.

Who benefits from the research?

This research is a joint project between both SeaWorld and OCEARCH, who have been collaborating with each other for the past five years. They combined their efforts in order to teach children and others about marine life. Through the study of white shark mating patterns, SeaWorld and OCEARCH will be able to create more ways to conserve and rehabilitate the ocean and the creatures within it.

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