Eterneva’s Help to Grieving Families In A Special Way

The first time cremation- diamond was heard of was in 2010, though not popular, it is a method that is used in helping families to grieve on the loss of their loved ones. The purpose of it is to assist the family in grieving according to their own rituals. Eterneva offers this not only as a product but also as a service. The company was first recognized during Shark Tank when the founder and the know CEO Adelle Archer appeared on the show.

The company which was formulated in the year 2016, become the first of its kind to bring business to the consumer through Tik-tok. During the time on Shark tank, they receive whopping $60000 funding to the company by Mark Cuban. The investments gave him 9% of the shares of the company. Though through the time it’s been in operation it has receives at least four more funding’s, currently it is expecting to receive a series A funding.

With the funding, they expect to do an expansion of the company while concentrating on institutional investments. The company whose headquarters are in Austin, recently partnered with FEDEX in the facilitation of mailing of the remains of a deceased, which sometimes could be hair, for pet owners it could be fur. Either way, the partnership is a big step for the company as it offers security when it comes to the chain of custody.

Currently, Eterneva has up to 30 employees, who work and help the family through the process. The process involves the remains being turned to carbon then it is purified and later turned to diamond. The process its self takes between seven to nine months to be completed, on which during the process, the family is always put in the loop through photos and videos till the cremation diamond of their loved one is delivered to them.

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