Expert Advice For First-Time Home Buyers From Kevin Seabright

Kevin Seawright is hr head of RPS Solutions. The company sells homes in Hillendale. It is a beautiful neighborhood in Baltimore County in Baltimore, MD.

The purchaser was a first-time home buyer, and Kevin helped to get them into their new home. RPS Solutions works with their buyers to achieve home ownership with the help of the great planning and solutions.

Helpful Tips for New Home Buyers

Kevin Seawright offers helpful advice for people who are purchasing a house or townhome for the first time. This client bought a two story townhome in the Hillendale community, the place they dreamed of living. The property is a large five bedroom with one and 1/2 bath residence.

There are some things that are important to understand when buyers work with lenders. Kevin explains how lenders will use your score as a means of getting you the best rates. The score is what generates the most competitive rate possible. With the availability of so many loan, lenders find the loan that is the best match for you. Mortgages have a variety of different requirements and you, as the buyer, need to meet these requirements in order to be eligible. Kevin Seabright offers this tip because the more you are prepared, the better the results you achieve in your search for a mortgage.

More Advice from RPS Solutions

Kevin has other tips. It is a good idea to ask about the real estate brokerage company. For instance, find out how many home buyers they represent on a yearly basis. You will learn about your agent’s level of motivation. This is an indicator as to the level of service you will get from your agent, and a high number means that they will work hard for you too. According to the National Association of Realtors, a good number to look for is approximately 12 completed sales transactions per year.

Kevin Seawright recommends that you know your credit score. If there is an issue, it is best to take care of it. Once you find out how much of a mortgage you qualify for, He suggests that you buy a home for less than that amount.

Next, choosing the right agent will help make your transaction go more smoothly. The right real estate agent will represent your best interest, and they will help take some of the stress and anxiety away, so you can relax.