Georgette Mulheir Needs Help to Defend Haiti´s Democracy

Georgette Mulheir works as a child and human rights advocate. She’s worked in 33 countries and has trained thousands of professionals on the subject throughout the world. Her recent work as a Global Strategic Advisor and trainer led her to work with Haiti and their struggle to protect democracy. This journey has led her to a position of great knowledge on the subject of human rights. Her goal is to put a stop to the horrific abuses of children in situations like the one happening in Haiti. Georgette Mulheir worked with other professionals in the field of human rights. This work strives to put an end to the trauma and restore peace in the area. There is still much work to do. Awareness of such things can help bring justice to the people. This justice is essential for the safety of all victims of this horrendous series of events. It takes action now by the rest of the world to help Haiti.


After a stalled election, the Haitian parliament failed. As of 2020, there is no safety. It is a full grown dictatorship that allows gross violence, gang activity, and abuse of children. They aren’t safe and  Georgette Mulheir knows it. This is what drew Mulheir to the cause. The de facto position of the “president” ended in February of 2021. A secret police force was set up by the now dictator “President” Jovenel Moise, who is ruling by decree. Thus, acting like a dictator (Voice-online).


For Georgette Mulheir, a transitional government must be in place to allow for the return to democracy. The international community must be aware and have an understanding of what has occurred. This will help the Haitian people to build trust again. The needs of these people are great. They must have access to justice and a way out of the cycle of violence and poverty. Georgette Mulheir has hope that the country can reach a peaceful transition and create organized elections to prevent these events from happening again. Those working in international law have deduced that these are true crimes against humanity. They are working to help Haiti, but need the help of the rest of the other countries to put a stop to this dictatorship at once.