Michael Patrick Carroll’s Partnership with LCOR

Michael Patrick Carroll is the brains behind the renowned investment firm CARROLL. The company has been in operation since 2004, and its main areas of business are acquisitions and developments. In recent times M. Patrick Carroll led his company into forming a partnership with LCOR, a real estate firm that deals in a similar business as CARROLL. The partnership has given CARROLL more control in the real estate market hence leading to more buying power.

One of the most recent ventures the partnership has undertaken is seeking opportunities in the Sunbelt region. One of the areas which all along Michael has had a focus on is multi-family units. As a leader in the field, Michael has always dedicated his time to research. Therefore he has always been well informed about the demand for such units. One of the strategies that have always worked for him in his area of expertise is excellent management and a diligent selection of tenants.

Together CARROLL and LCOR have taken over new developments in the Sunbelt. In the short duration in which M. Patrick Carroll has partnered with LCOR, they have jointly recapitalised ARIUM Morgan Falls and Tortuga Pointe by ARIUM with a budget of 200 million USD. The partnership has been a success for many reasons, but the most outstanding reason is the like-mindedness of the partners. Michael Patrick Carroll brings on board his expert management skills, while LCOR brings development skills. By merging the two skills, the companies have been able to identify the most beneficial business ventures.

Another reason the partnership continues to work is the calm nature of M. Patrick Carroll. Where an individual shows excellent leadership skills, Patrick is always ready to let them take the lead. As a result, there have been less challenges regarding leadership within the partnership. Due to the good business relationship, the partnership has acquired some properties in St. Petersburg and Sandy Springs.

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