The Hughes Marino CEO

Jason Hughes is the founder of the prominent Hughes Marino. His career in the property management industry started in Los Angeles around the 1980s when working for Cushman. He moved to San Diego and started a property management career. After his company became one of the largest companies in San Diego, the fantastic Jason Hughes was involved in great projects. The most notable was the extensive expansion to the more extraordinary west coast, initiating the California laws on tenant and buyer representation.


In addition, Jason Hughes follows up on laws negotiating many significant sale-leaseback transactions for the state. The CEO is renowned for his superb experience in initial negotiations, selling and buying medium-sized corporate firms, extension and lease accounting deals. Besides, Jason Hughes has good credentials from prominent universities. The Hughes Marino team of experts joins hands to offer some of the most favorite companies the basic and complex solutions related to property representation to ensure they achieve their goals. 


The services provided at Hughes Marino are comprehensively tenant and buyer-related advisory, property consultancy, planning, company strategy, besides worldwide investments management. Jason Hughes remains a crucial figure in the lease restructuring legislative world. His famous SB 1171 Bill, signed by Governor Brown in mid-2014 and later implemented in 2015, helps maintain fairness in the property market in California. The law advises clients to always write their contracts when dealing with brokers involved with the two major parties in the deal, tenants, and landlords since their interests might be conflicted.